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VDL Awards 2007

Adjudicators Awards

VDL Adjudicators Awards 2007
Adjudicator: Ewen Crockett
1. To Beaumaris Theatre Company for the ensemble performance of Pyramus and Thisby in A Midsummer Nights Dream by William Shakespeare.
2. An encouragement award to Stephanie Watson as Gloria in The Mount Players production of Wait Until Dark by Frederick Knott.
Adjudicator: Nicky MacFarlane
1. To Paul Karafillis as the Man with Guitar in the Heidelberg Theatre Company production of The Grapes of Wrath by Frank Galati
2. To Peter Taurins for his original score of the cabaret songs for Essendon Theatre Company’s production of Allo Allo by Jeremy Lloyd and David Croft
Adjudicator: Doug Bennett
1. To Ian Carlsson as the Assistant Stage Manager-Cleaner for his innovative and slick comic set changes as the contract office cleaner in Sherbrooke Theatre Company’s production of Goodbye Mrs. Blore by Robert Hewett
2. To FAMDA for their exciting foyer display reflecting the construction site theme of the new Australian play Stringlines by Edwin Coad