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VDL Awards 2009 - Adjudicators Awards

Adjudicators Awards

VDL Adjudicators Awards 2009
Adjudicator: Ewen Crockett
1. Strathmore Theatrical Arts Group for the special effect of the burning of Mandalay in their production of REBECCA by Daphne du Maurier
2. David Paul for his portrayal of Alfred and Player Queen in ROSENCRANTZ AND GUILDENSTERN ARE DEAD by Tom Stoppard Heidelberg Theatre Company
Adjudicator: Colin Rochford
1. The Mount Players for the foyer display of their production of MINEFIELDS AND MINISKIRTS by Siobhan McHugh Adapted for stage by Terence O’Connell
2. The Basin Theatre Group for the detail dressing of the set for their production of PLAYING SINATRA by Bernard Kops
Adjudicator: David Small
1. Rob Ellis with help from John Laurie and Jules Schmidt for the original music in FAMDA’s production of DINNER AT HUGO'S by Edwin Coad
2. Maria Arestia for the all hairstyles in A LITTLE HOTEL ON THE SIDE by John Mortimer Leongatha Lyric Theatre