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VDL Awards 2005

List of Entries

Company Play Title - Author Category Director Production Dates
Peridot Theatre Midden by Morna Regan DRAMA Vicki Smith 04-Feb-2005 to 19-Feb-2005
Mansfield (MMDS) Pride & Prejudice by Jane Austin (Ad by Jennifer Gibney) DRAMA Cathie Smith 18-Feb-2005 to 26-Feb-2005
Sherbrooke Veronica's Room by Ira Levin DRAMA Maureen Allder 04-Mar-2005 to 19-Mar-2005
S.T.A.G. (Strathmore) The Weekend by Michael Palin COMEDY Mel De Bono 10-Mar-2005 to 19-Mar-2005
FAMDA (Foster) Shadowlands by William Nicholson DRAMA Max Hastings 18-Mar-2005 to 27-Mar-2005
Eltham Little Theatre The Ghost Train by Arnold Ridley DRAMA David Dodd 24-Mar-2005 to 12-Mar-2005
The Mount Players Summer of the 17th Doll by Ray Lawler DRAMA David Runnels 01-Apr-2005 to 23-Apr-2005
Mitcham Ruby Moon by Matt Cameron DRAMA Christine Grant 08-Apr-2005 to 16-Apr-2005
Frankston Theatre Kindly Leave the Stage by John Chapman COMEDY David McCall 15-Apr-2005 to 24-Apr-2005
Thespians Inc The Crucible by Arthur Miller DRAMA Emma Sproule 17-Apr-2005 to 02-Apr-2005
Boroondara Th Co Rope by Lance Reenstiern and Bruce Cochrane (based on a play by Patrick Hamilton) DRAMA Bruce Cochrane 12-May-2005 to 21-May-2005
Essendon Theatre Hotel Sorrento by Hannie Rayson DRAMA Brett Turner 12-May-2005 to 21-May-2005
Allegro Theatre Co., Yarrawonga Black Adder II by Tony Curtis & Ben Elton COMEDY Leigh Elder 13-May-2005 to 28-May-2005
Hartwell Players Richard III by Will Shakespeare DRAMA Sue Dyring 15-May-2005 to 07-May-2005
Lilydale Athenaeum Rough Justice by Terence Frisby DRAMA John Bishop 06-Jun-2005 to 25-Jun-2005
Malvern Theatre The Price by Arthur Miller DRAMA John Keogh 01-Jul-2005 to 16-Jul-2005
Mordialloc Th Co Sweet Road by Debra Oswald DRAMA Eryl Lowe 01-Jul-2005 to 16-Jul-2005
Beaumaris Theatre Cosi by Louis Nowra COMEDY Robyn Lester 01-Jul-2005 to 23-Jul-2005
Heidelberg Th. Co. Side Man by Warren Leight DRAMA Bruce Akers 06-Jul-2005 to 23-Jul-2005
Williamstown LT The Glass Menagerie by Tennessee Williams DRAMA Ellis Ebell 07-Jul-2005 to 23-Jul-2005
Geelong Rep Hamlet by Will Shakespeare DRAMA Sheila Dawson 15-Jul-2005 to 30-Jul-2005
The 1812 Theatre Key for Two by John Chapman and Dave Freeman COMEDY Robin Miller 31-Jul-2005 to 02-Jul-2005
Encore Theatre The Odd Couple by Neil Simon COMEDY Kevin Trask 29-Aug-2005 to 14-Aug-2005
The Basin Th Gp Terra Nova by Ted Tally DRAMA Christine Grant 11-Sep-2005 to 04-Sep-2005
Saltpillar Theatre The Chosen by Chaim Potok DRAMA Danny Gesundheit 16-Sep-2005 to 04-Sep-2005
Waverley Wit by Margaret Edson DRAMA Doug Bennett 12-Oct-2005 to 22-Oct-2005