Notice of VDL Special General Meeting 2018

New Notice of Special General Meeting

As a quorum (10% of the membership) was not present at the Special General Meeting scheduled for Nov 24 to vote on the membership motion below, the meeting was adjourned and is hereby readvertised.

The Special General Meeting will now be held on Saturday December 15 for the purpose of voting on the following motion:

    "That the VDL membership cycle be changed to January to December."

A proxy form is included in this issue for those unable to attend the meeting.
Proxies are to be received no later than 24 hours prior to the advertised date of the meeting.

Proxies already received for the original Special General Meeting date remain valid.
If a quorum is not in attendance on Dec 15, those members present are authorised by the Constitution to proceed to put the Motion to the vote.

  • Venue: Matthew Flinders Hotel, 667 Warrigal Rd Chadstone.
  • Time: 10.30 am

Alison Campbell Rate
Hon. Secretary

Download Proxy Form:

Special General Meeting - December - Proxy Voting Form